Let's Talk Ethics

Are your crystals ethically sourced?

We are not the one's mining the crystals therefore we cannot say whether our crystals are 100% ethically sourced. 

We do our very best to research sellers before we choose to buy from them and we build relationships with our wholesalers. If there is a stone that comes from a mine that we know for sure is not ethical, we choose not to sell/buy these products because we will not profit off anything that harms others. 

Do you sell chakras, sage, palo santo, evil eye, hamsa, or buddhas?

We believe all of the things listed above are for the cultures/religions that they come from and although they may not all be closed practices we choose not to profit off of something that we do not fully know the background or origin of. We personally own evil eye jewelry, we believe that you should go to a seller with the knowledge and cultural beliefs for these specific items and support their businesses.