Jewelry Care

Almost all of our jewelry is stainless steel, which means it is not completely water safe. To keep your jewelry in the best condition we recommend removing it before showering, swimming, or apply body products. 

- If any of our jewelry is sterling silver it will be stated on the product page. 

- Stretchy bracelets don't last forever especially if you wear them a lot or take them off and on a lot. We try to keep our prices low enough so that if/when they break you feel like it has served it's purpose to you. If your stretchy bracelet does break the beads are PERFECT for wire wrapping rings or you could also get some string and restring the bracelet. 

- If you do choose to wear your jewelry in the shower/pool please be cautious of stones that can become toxic when put in water (such as malachite) and do research to make sure your crystals/crystal jewelry are water safe.