What is your processing time?

2-6 BUSINESS days, unless we state otherwise. Business days are Monday through Friday! 

3-10 BUSINESS days if you order a mystery bag. Mystery bags are the last orders we pack so we can have full access to all of our inventory without accidentally putting someone else's item in a mystery bag. This is better for you as well because it gives more options for the mystery bags whereas if we did them fast we would have to pull from mystery bag stock only. 

Can we film your order on TikTok?

We can film your order on TikTok! We have decided to start charging $2 for videos because they are incredibly time consuming and it delays us on doing other orders. If you add the TikTok filming video to your checkout PLEASE put your @ so we can tag you in the video, and let us know if you want us to post it before or after you receive your package (this is especially important for crystal mystery bags.) This doesn't mean we may not randomly choose to package your video on TikTok, but that choice is up to us and is dependent upon how much time we have at the moment. Please never EXPECT us to film your video unless you have payed the $2 TikTok filming. 

My package is lost or stolen what can you do?

Contact USPS we can not control what happens to your package once it leaves out hands. If you want insurance on your package choose $8 shipping which includes insurance up to $50 if you want more insurance on your package please reach out to us. 

One of my items is broken, what can you do?

Again, we can not control what happens to your packages once they leave our hands and if you want insurance please choose $8 shipping. We are NOT responsible for USPS messing up or breaking your items. We do our very best to package your items safely and rarely have this issue but it can happen. 

My package went to the wrong address, what can I do?

Contact your post office and/or your neighbors but PLEASE CHECK YOUR ADDRESS. There is nothing we can do once it leaves our hands, if it is delivered to the wrong address because you put the wrong address or because the post office messed up we can't control that. We will NOT GIVE YOU A REFUND because it was sent to the wrong place, so please be aware of that. 

What is an open basket?

An open basket is when you purchase the crystals, but don't pay for shipping. Your basket will stay with us until you decide to close your basket which means you pay for shipping and we ship it out to you. Before you close your basket please reach out to us so we can calculate your proper shipping total. 

How do I keep my basket open? 

Use code "OPENBASKET" at checkout to make sure you don't pay shipping. 

How long can I keep my basket open for?

As long as you want! As long as the items in your basket are paid for you are good to go! 

How do I cleanse my crystals?

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals. You can use smoke, sound, visualization, water (for water safe crystals), salt (for salt safe crystals) and light! 

Do I have to cleanse my crystals?

That's up to you! This is your journey and we don't want to tell you the "right" way to do it because there is no right way! Do what feels right to you. 

What do I do if I have an issue or a question? 

Reach out to us on Instagram @boxedbywitches or email us at boxedbywitches@gmail.com, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!